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    Just wanted to pass on a link to a decent priced SD WiFi card for everyone.

    Here it is:
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    For some reason the link didn't work...

    I was trying to post a SOCKET SD WiFi card.

    Best thing to do (and this DOES work) is to goto: and type in: WL6200-480 in the search box.

    The card is $63.59
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    thanks for the link

    ... as a reminder this will not work with a treo
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    I had NO idea that it wouldn't work w/ a Treo.

    Personally, I have an XV6600 w/ Verizon. From what HOBBESISREAL was saying, that this SD card I linked was one of the only ones that would work with the XV6600. I know I tried the SANDISK SD 256mb w/ WiFi with my PPC and it didn't work. I think there was also a posting stating that a certain SD card wouldn't work w/ the Treo as well...and that they were issuing a free 128 mb card...

    I dunno. Just wanted to put it out there for anyone interested...

    I had originally posted it in another area, but it was moved to the MARKETPLACE... Looks like someone was thinking I was trying to sell something...when in fact all I was trying to be was helpful...

    Oh well...

    Enjoy to those who can use it.

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