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    Stay connected when you're on the road
    The Handspring Modem lets you connect to your desktop via a standard phone line and HotSync your data from a remote location. With 3rd party software, you can also check POP email, surf the web and send faxes.

    The Handspring Modem allows you to:

    Keep your data current while traveling away from your PC
    Ensure that your data is safely backed up
    Send and receive email on your handheld
    Send faxes (with the appropriate 3rd party software)
    Certified for use in the United States and Canada
    And it's really small adding just under half an inch to the depth of your handheld. It's a fully-featured Hayes-compatible 33.6Kbs modem.

    This was used maybe three times while on the road.. WORKS GREAT!!!

    RETAILS for $124.00 + Shipping/Handling

    LETTING it go for $89.95 + $5.50 Shipping!!

    PAYABLE VIA PAYPAL or BIDPAY .. Ships Same Day Payment is MADE>>

    Contact me via EMAIL:

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    Just wondering why you used the angry face icon for your post... heh
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    I think my resoluton was 1200x1024 or something .. I didnt notice they were smiley's until i got home .. ehehhe

    THanks .. not interested in the modem huh??

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    Nope, sorry. Just doing my nitpicking for the day.. hehe

    I just took a look at eBay, they seem to be going for around $80-90 used there. You might have better luck..
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    Is the modem still available? What speed is it. Will it work on the Prism?
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    Please I still ahve this modem available .. its the 33K Modem .. Its been used like twice ..

    Let me know .. Ill let it go for $80 +shipping

    See ya

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    But will it work on the Prism?

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