I had the mother of all crashes, overloading the Handspring Visor Deluxe with 379 two-page documents. Cooked the HSV and two 8MB Memory Modules.

Handspring Technical Support and Customer Care held my hand through many hours of phone calls and returns until it got fixed. Quickly.

Then I zapped a new Prism charging while the HSV was conected to the other USB port. Four Prisms later and many hours with Technical Support and Customer Care have me back tapping away merrily.

Both units were fine after hard resets, but HotSynch by USB on the PC never came back. Even though we couldn't solve the hardware/software problem, Handspring got me set back up with something that works.

What great customer service!
Everyone working with PDAs should know how strong Handspring is.

Bruce, The PDA P.A.