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    I have had my treo only since the beginning of June. I took a new job, and they require me to have an Audiovox Smartphone to demonstrate our security software that only runs on smartphones and CE based phones.

    So I am selling my Treo so that I don't have to carry around two phones.

    The Treo 650 I am selling is in flawless condition and has no scratches, scrapes, or any damage. The phone is Cingular locked/branded at the moment, and can be used on Cingular/ATT GSM networks. The phone comes with the original box, all software and manuals, sync cable, and original unused headset.

    Along with the phone I am including the following accessories:

    PalmOne Horizontal leather case
    Nutshell Vertical leather holster
    9V batter rapid charger adapter from Seidio
    9" sync/charging USB cable with hotsync button
    Black and Orage Covertec Case.

    Price for phone and accessories is $350 plus shipping. Will only ship within the continental US. I take paypal at, postal money orders, and cashiers checks from reputable banks.

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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    PM sent.
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    Will you ship to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (Dutch Caribbean). Please advice.

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    still avail?

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