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    Features Arkon's "side-grip" universal PDA cradle and a convenient vent mount assembly designed to securely mount your PDA at fingertips reach. This solution is most commonly used in conjunction with popular GPS navigation solutions There are very few vehicles that have vents not compatible with the vent mount assembly that comes in the CM629. As a rule of thumb, it will work with ALL vent louvres that are horizontal. It will not work with any of the cars having vertical vent louvres such as most Pontiacs and a few others.

    It is in a good condition and works really well. Arkon sells it for $19.95 plus $7.5 shipping which is $27.45.

    I'm asking for $13 plus a $2 shipping anywhere in the US. If anybody from other parts of the world is interested please let me know.


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    I have an extra one also, tried to sell on ebay...not sure why nobody wants it, it works quite well.

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