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    I've switched over to Verizon recently and have a Sprint Treo650 & Treo600 for sales. Both units have been used for less then 6 months. My asking price is

    Treo650 - SOLD
    Jabra FreeSpeak BT200 headset with BT adapter and an extra charger - SOLD

    Treo650 w/ BT200 - SOLD as a combo & get free shipping to domestic US

    Treo600 - SOLD

    Please email me at if you want to see some pics of the units or if you are interested. Thank you.
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    deal fell through, still available.
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    For those who are interested on the Treo600 alone, I've splitted out the BT headset and Treo600 with updated pricing.
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    Quick bump before going to eBay this weekend.
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    E-mail me at I am interestd in one of the phones.

    Lets talk prices
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    kerrys914, YGM w/ photos.
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    Treo600 SOLD and Sales Pending on the Jabra headset. Treo650 is still available.
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    Headset sales fell through, Headset and Treo650 are still available. Buy them both at a reduced price of $435 & get free shipping to domestic US.
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    Just wanted to mentioned that Subchaos is a great seller. Bought my Treo 600 from him and he was very patient in explaining everything to me as well as making sure that there was no problems while connecting the ESN.

    Phone was in great condition, very well taken care of... just as described.
    Great seller, I highly recommend for anyone looking for a Treo 650.
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    Giving this thread another bump before I put the 650 on eBay. Any interest at all?
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    Treo650 and BT headset SOLD.

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