I've noticed that while Handsping's system accepts company names as part of their shipping information, they don't actually use the company name on their shipping labels...
My Visor Prism order was completely lost by FedEx due to the misaddressing of the package. It was sent by default without requiring a signature, and the package was "left in a business in one of the floors of my building" with no signature on record for it -- in other words, someone knew they got a free Visor out of the mix-up.
In response to the lost package and subsequent claim ticket, Handspring could neither ship out a replacement the same day nor enable Saturday delivery, due to "limitations" in their shipping arrangements with FedEx.
Naturally, I'm very frustrated at Handspring's support's inability to compensate me for my inconvenience, and their _obvious_ flaw in their ecommerce system. I won't be ordering from their site again, and next time it'll be from Amazon or another reseller that I trust... but for those who dare, be very careful -- you have been warned!