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    There's a deal on the Visor $139 and $209 for the Deluxe. No Strings or Anything. Yout get it at a large online retailer that you have probably heard of, and shipping is free, and you get it the next day! Here is what you do:

    Go to Dash at the URL above. Sign up. Next, go to the Staples store frontpage.
    2) Now enter in the search box which visor you want, then add it to yout cart, and continue to checkout
    Visor Graphite 430654 - $179
    Visor Deluxe Orange 430659 - $249
    Visor Deluxe Green 430658 - $249
    Visor Deluxe Ice 430656 - $249
    Visor Deluxe Blue 430657 - $249
    Visor Deluxe Graphite 430655 - $249

    3) Enter Coupon Code 88093 to save $40, bringing your total to $139 for the Visor, or $209 for the Visor Deluxe!
    Also it includes Free Shipping! - Not including the discount from dash!

    Hurry - Expires 11/05/00
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    Good eye, osmaster! I guess they are getting ready for their VPR's and VPL's by dumping VDX's.
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    I've been promising my wife a Visor for a while (she tends to run off with mine whenever she wants to play solitaire).

    I had no excuses. At $40 off I bought her one, it should arrive Oct 30th.

    Now I need to look into programs we can both use. IR battleship mayhaps.

    Seriously, a long time ago I saw a program that enabled you to see two datebooks side by side. I even bookmarked it briefly, but since I was the only Visor user in the family, I didn't see a need for it and I deleted it.

    Any idea where a link to such a program is? It would be handy to know my wife's schedule when I'm making appointments in my own datebook.

    Heck, I might even be misremembering the functions of this program. But I swear I remember a screen shot with two datebooks shown side by side.

    Oh well, take care.
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    Dave, it was DateBk4. Never used it, but I think your partner's data can be beamed over or synced into your datebook and sort of greyed-out text.

    Question on that coupon...when I registered, sais that I can have $30 off of a $150 purchase at Staples. With the coupon code you gave, is there a minimum purchase amount, osmaster?

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