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    $300 shipped

    theres nothing much to say
    their brand new
    only opened to be verizoned
    comes with everything in box
    but ill answer any questions u might have

    PM or Email me
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    Would you take a COD To San Jose,California..IHow many do you have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goober408
    Would you take a COD To San Jose,California..IHow many do you have?

    i have 3 available...$300 each
    if u buy all 3..i can work out a better shipping cost
    let me know if ur interested...cod is fine by me
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    What is COD?
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    check on delivery
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    unknownvirus check your E-mail
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    actualy i think its cash on delivery
    but either way...its basically when the item is delivered the delivery guy collects the payment

    goober408: i sent an email back..
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    $250 )?
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    what a deal. I got 2 of em. Thanks so much

    btw longtime lurker first time post ... you guys rock on this forum
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    still got 1 more
    up for grabs
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    just shipped 1 to sk33

    got 2 more...300 shipped
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    Ok Unknown Virus...I will take the last 2 from you. I will shoot you a Cell Phone call tomorrow morning/afternoon california time...
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    Excellent Seller Got Them Yesterday Via COD And They Work Awsome. Took A Lil Convince To Activate But They Work 100%
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    thanx goober!

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