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    Hello everyone,

    I am switching cell providers from GSM-based Fido to CDMA-based MTS Mobility as the company I work for (MTS Allstream Inc.) owns MTS Mobility and is offering employees a GREAT plan that is going to save me SO much money! That means I have to give up my 1-month-old unlocked, unbranded Sony Ericsson k750i. After doing some research on the internet I have decided that my next phone will be a Treo 650!

    So, I am looking to trade my phone for a CDMA Treo 650. It has to be the Verizon-branded one, as it is the only CDMA Treo 650 sold unlocked (Verizon's phones all use the master lock code of 00000). Cingular and Sprint-branded Treo 650's won't work with my CDMA provider up here in Canada, so I am afraid only Verizon Treo's will do.

    The phone I am offering to trade is the new Sony Ericsson k750i, which has some pretty impressive features. It is a GSM phone, unlocked and unbranded. I have tested it with the Rogers and Fido networks up here in Canada and it works great.

    Here are some highlights of the phones features:

    Bluetooth connectivity (for voice and file transfer--even remotely control your computer)
    2 megapixel digital camera (with video capture, auto-focus, macro mode and an LED flash)
    Sliding lens cover for camera (which, when opened, auto-activates the camera)
    MP3 playback with playlists feature
    Dedicated play/pause button on side of phone
    Dedicated camera capture button
    262,000 colour screen
    USB connectivity (for file transfer and charging)
    Built-in stereo FM radio with presets
    38mb built-in internal memory
    Memory Stick Pro Duo support (up to 4 gigabytes)
    9 hour talk time
    400 hour standby time
    GPRS internet access
    3D Java game engine
    MPEG 4 video playback (watch movies on your phone!)

    For more information on the phone see

    The package I am trading comes with:
    ***PERFECT*** condition k750i (0 scratches, looks brand new)
    Screen protector (which was put on the phone the day I got it, so the screen has 0 scratches)
    The latest firmware (as of last week)
    USB data/charging cable
    The software CDs
    Original box
    Carrying strap thingy with SE logo on it
    Power adaptor
    Stereo headphones/handsfree headset
    Sony-brand 1 gig 'gold' high-speed Memory Stick Pro Duo card

    If you have a Verizon Treo 650 and are looking for a high-end new GSM phone, this is definitely a contender. The 1 gig gold high-speed memory stick alone cost $300 Canadian, so I think this is a fair trade.

    It is probably best to email me directly rather than PMing me. I check my email at work and on my mobile so I can get back to you sooner. My email address is you can also call me at (204) 477 4110

    Thanks everyone!!!!
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    I'm sure some of you here have visited over the years.

    They have a great system for leaving feedback for people, so I thought I'd post my feedback link for there:

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