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    Hi All, in the search for a great case for my Visor Deluxe, I've accrued a small fortune of cases. Below is the list of cases I have for sale, and the asking prices. Prices include shipping, USPS, in the United States.

    Covertec Cobra w/ Belt Clip (perfect condition, $25 new)
    Asking $15

    E&B Slipper Visor (Perfect, Black leather, $32 new)
    Asking $20

    Handspring Black Microfiber "Hip" case ($40 new)
    Asking $25

    Handspring Slim Leather case ($25 new)
    Asking $15

    E-mail to if interested.

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    So after testing them all, what was the great case that ended your search??
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    Rhodiana case...

    Fits good, easy to get in/out, good protection from drops and damage... Looks decent on the hip.

    Of course, then I went and bought a Prism, the Prism doesn't fit so I've got to wait for them to make a new rhodiana...


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