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    I just joined this site yesterday, so I don't know about the payoff (unlike, where I've already received 3 $18 gift certificates). This site is It's almost like echo, except that you can earn cash faster. At least for this month, all you need to do is listen for 20 hours to earn a free CD (I hear that they actually give you an amazon gift certificate, meaning you don't have to spend it on a CD. However, I don't have first hand experience at this.) Apparently, they have plans to switch over to a direct pay for cash plan, where you can earn 20 cents per hour for a max of 100 hours per month (plus additional points earned through referrals and your referral's listening habits, etc etc). You'll need to visit the site for more info.

    Their website again is If you want to give me the referral, go to

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    I, too have not yet recieved a check from these folks, but they seem fairly reputable, so I'd reccomend 'em too. Oh, what the heck... If you wanna use me as your referrer, it's
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