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    Well, I finally got my Prism delivered to me this morning and I was quite disappointed to realize that, all said and done, my package did _NOT_ include the AC adaptor. And Handspring refused to overnight me one, saying that I'll have to wait about a week before I'll get it. I was curious to see whether or not anyone else has had this experience or not... I read some reviews at and noted that someone there mentioned that theirs did not include the snap on cover. Is their quality control just not happening now or what? I'd love to hear if anybody else encountered this issue or something similar.

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    moved to 'ordering/shipping'....

    on the subject... I would say they should ship the adaptor with the machine it is pretty much useless without it....

    It would have been good customer service to send it overnight...

    about the cover see this discussion
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    You're right... I called them back and mentioned this. They were quite gracious and agreed to send an entire replacement package. It will be interesting to see if my Prism lasts long enough for that to happen...

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    I know this is kinda off topic but seeing as you work at Napster I was just wondering if you have any of the MP3 modules.

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