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    I noticed that this Sunday's Office Depot insert shows a Palm keyboard (Stowaway) for only $19.99. This was in the Kansas City paper, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this special in other papers. It was a very small screen shot next to a Palm IIIxe shot on page 2.

    Just curious.
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    I saw this too, but I think it might be a typo. I would take the ad to them and see if they would honor the price, and if they didn't, take it to Office Max and hold them up to their 110% guarantee.
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    I saw this ad too...
    I will go to Office Depot and see if they honor the price...
    If they dont i will go to CompUSA to see if they let me have it for $20. CompUSA should match the price in the ad.
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    Was anyone able to get a Palm keyboard for $20? More importantly, has anyone bought a Targus Stowaway for $20 at a competing store? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    I haven't been able to get a keyboard... i've tried a few places but they all turned me down..
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    Vinne, Office Depot turned you down cold when it was their own add? What other stores did you try? Did you try for a Palm keyboard or a Targus Stowaway?
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    I want to see what happens with this...I probably can't use this w/ my Visor, but it's got to be good for something, right?

    Anyway, here's hoping (for us Visor-purists) that it's compatible after a bit of tweaking...

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    Well you prob. couldnt get it now even if u wanned to try but...I tried to get the plam folding keyboard at two office depots and they didnt have any left..(i think they just put them back in the stock room so they could say they were sold out...The Wiz told me that they didnt have a model number on the ad so they couldnt match it....and CompUSA didnt have any cant use it with the Visor so it is prob not much use...all you could do is sell it to someone who has a palm.
    The Visor handhelds are the best!!!!

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