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    Below is a letter I sent to PalmOne. The only email address I could find was How pathetic that treo.visor is what they use in their support reply from PalmOne. Does anyone have a better email address for where I can send this? I am so frustrated with this company.

    Dear PalmOne,

    I have been a very loyal PalmOne customer since 2000 and in fact the Treo 650 is my 7th Palm in 5 years. All of my previous purchases have been actual Palm/PalmOne branded devices. As of now, I have to express my extreme disatisfaction with the support and options available for the Treo 650 and connectivity with the Exchange Server 2003 using ActiveSync. I upgraded from the Treo 600 after only 1 year of use with the thought that the 650 had the ability to directly sync with my company's servers. I work for a fortune 200 company, and work directly with the technology decision makers. I have been doing my best to push/suggest the Treo line, especially the 650, against the Blackberry since I see it as the ultimate mobile worker device.

    As a global project manager, I use it in every way possible from corporate to personal. For example: I Iink my server-based database that I use to manage many of the opportunities I'm working with through Smartlist-to-Go from DataViz; I use the full Documents to go suite including PowerPoint to review/edit and sometimes create on the fly during my offsite business meetings; while in taxicabs, I've done everything from creating Agendas for upcoming meetings to PowerPoint decks for presentations; (on my Treo 600 using T-mobile) I use versamail to stay in touch with my co-workers and even to send work related files through instant message when I'm in a hurry and in the middle of a conversation; I use vindigo to pick restaraunts when I'm visiting different cities and need to have business dinners and lunches; I use vindigo's directions capability to find locations of meetings when I'm visiting a new city; I use my stowaway keyboard to allow me basically leave my laptop either at home or at the hotel. I use Avantgo for all of the obvious reasons that it provides; I've used both HandyShopper and Splashshopper to maintain everything from my travel list to my grocery list. I could go on for hours as to how much I use my Treo between work and personal so much so to the point where my co-workers get excited when I tell them about a new use for it. I have spent more money on add-on apps over the years than I'd like to admit.

    At this point, however, it would appear that this will be my last Treo and Palm because I cannot seem to find a viable option for connecting to the very basic thing of email. I have had such frustration with one of the two options you suggest for VPN access (Movian). In fact Movian is the only one that is actually an option for many of us that have Cisco 3000 firewalls. I do not know why PalmOne did not think to possibly have their own Palm-branded vpn that it would support as it would be an obvious need for anyone looking to connect into their corporate enviornment's email or files. I have spent $600 for my Treo 650 and $100 for movian, which was only available as a purchase and not on a trial basis, and I can't even get someone to assist me in my own timezone, much less my own language.

    Since I have tried contacting PalmOne's support, who could offer no useful help and the T-Mobile/MyEmail for outlook web access corporate users for the treo 650 doesn't seem to work , it would appear that the Windows Mobile 2005 is going to be my only option as I am very aware that the VPN issue will not be a problem. I already know that Windows Mobile 2003 devices are not having the same issue connecting to firewalls and I know that there are 3rd party apps that can substitute for almost everything that I've purchased for Palm. Clearly, I will be extremely frustrated by the fact that I will have to spend a great deal of money again, but I don't think I have a choice.


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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I don't think this should be in the Communications forum... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Well it is a communication.
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    If it doesn't work for you then get something else and be happy with it. Why would you attach so much to things that you know are not feasable. You must train yourself to let go of things you can't have.

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    I sent a question to that address also, I never got a E-mail back. Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    If it doesn't work for you then get something else and be happy with it. Why would you attach so much to things that you know are not feasable. You must train yourself to let go of things you can't have.

    To a certain extent, I agree. This isn't our government, or our future we're talking about here, it's a communications device. However, I'm also still idealistic enough to believe that people can change things. Enough letters, and enough suggestions and Palm is bound to "get" our point of view. Does the issue he described effect me? Not in the least, but pushing for a better product benefits us all. Palm should have a communications forum to listen to us. Just because no one else does business that way doesn't mean they can't. Would they be able to address every issue and email they recieve? Of course not. Would it benefit their corporate image to give us a place to provide feedback? Absolutely, and they just might learn something about making better Treo's too.
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    Hey Al,

    Why not shoot for the moon? Or, at least, shoot for a product that suits your needs? If it doesn't, then let the company know! I worked as a project manager for a long time that implemented a lot of third party solutions for fortune 100 companies. We HAD TO lean on these vendors, like palmOne, incredibly hard to get them to keep moving forward and make their products work for our clients' needs. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, without pressure like this, things won't get done and companies will sink.

    If you want something, let it be heard, damn it!

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