For a 5% discount on Handspring or a FREE Perry Ellis Palm wallet.

1. Go to ebates and use as the refer id.

2. Sign up, they have links to over 400+ Web sites.
3. Ebates gives 5% off the Handspring site. That's pretty good, since the new models are expensive.
4. After signing up with Ebates, go to the Cyberrebate link on the Stores page also. They give 7% off items. There is a Perry Ellis Palm Case that is FREE after rebates. Keep a photocopy of your rebate and UPC label. By signing up with ebates, you get $2.10!
5. The rebate on the Palm case takes about 3 months.. I love the case, replaced my wallet with it!

I hope this helps save you money. I really hope that this helps forgetful people like me get organized. If you do want a FREE LEATHER CASE and 5% off Handspring, please use as the referid.