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    I'm switching to T-Mobile to give them a try and just upgraded my 600 to the new 650. I took it out of the box to charge and call 611. Brand New. ANyone have a t-mobile or unlocked GSM to trade in same condidtion?
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    would you want to sell it rather then trade it?

    you may e-mail me.

    thanks, mark.
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    Maybe... but i'd rather trade someone sick of a GSM carrier
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    I have an unlocked Sony Ericsson P910. Didn't use very much (as I use both Cingular and Sprint) using my Sprint the majority of the time. It comes with the box and manuals and everything included. Great device! Actually bought this after having the Treo 650 GSM which I returned due to the low volume earpiece. And this thing has been just great.
    Let me know if interested.
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    really just interested in a t-Mo compatible Treo 650. I have a brand new Sprint one to trade + extras

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