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    Does anyone know of a website that would sell the Visor Platinum to people in Europe? Both amazon and handspring dont ship outside of the US. Will it be selling in retail stores in Europe before Christmas?
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    You can already order directly from Handspring in the UK, possibly the other Handspring Europe stores as one of the options when you place your order is the type of power plug you get.

    They state shipping time as approx. one week, but I've made a couple of calls to Handspring and they've told me it would be at least 2-3 weeks, as they don't have stock yet.

    Also, the European price is about 10% more than the US price (*before* factoring in sales tax).

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    Damn! So I guess this means I cant get a Visor Platinum into Ireland before christmas, doesn't it? And the price is annoying too I think $300 was pushing it...
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    The price is about the equivalent of $300 (204) ... it's the sales tax that makes it more expensive, but Handspring charge sales tax in some US states anyway.

    I'd think that you should be able to get it before Christmas. It's supposed to be in stores in November (probably Dixons).

    And if you're *really* impatient, there are a couple of companies in the US that will set up a billing address for you there; I know there's one in Florida, but I can't remember the name. They receive mail and packages for you, and forward them to your overseas address at intervals that you select (weekly, monthly, etc...).
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    What kind of pounds () are you talkting about? Irish pounds or English pounds? The retail stores in Ireland seem to be over priced, and they might not have the serial cable, it'll be annoying getting this PDA. It better be worth it...
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    I'm talking about pounds sterling.

    It's pretty easy to order from the Handspring website, and I understand they'll start shipping the new Visors pretty soon. It'll certainly ship sooner than if you wait for it to be available in your local store.

    Or, wait until someone puts one on eBay, and is willing to ship internationally.


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