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    TC member 1200+ posts selling Treo 600 GSM UNLOCKED

    Long Time Treo user, Visor Phone> Treo 180>Treo 270>Treo 600>Treo 650 selling his beloved Treo 600.

    I don't care what anyone says, this phone was the most stable for me. Very rarely ever had resets, good solid, reliable.

    Prior to the 650 release I met Head of product development at Palm ONe Road Show. I told him of minor issue(BLue tinged screen), he said, "send it to me, I will wink, fix it for you.

    I sent it, he replaced the screen with a pure white, non-blue tint screen. He fixed the cursed black "Crackle cable" with a gold one that is much clearer. He replaced the silver case. He replaced all of the issues known to P1, not disclosed to the public.

    IT is in great working condition, USED. I have not used it since the screen was replaced, IT IS BRAND SPANKING NEW (the Screen).

    But selling AS IS. NO warranty other than working when you receive it.

    I think I have Car charger, will check and repost tmw.

    Solid TC member
    Solid Ebay member "CGLaguna"
    Honest School teacher

    Contact me via PM with offers. Leave for Europe on next Saturday so it is must sell.
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    Hi, I am intereste can you email me at
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    More Pictures

    Notice plastic is still on new screen.

    Quote Originally Posted by crowdpuller
    Hi, I am intereste can you email me at
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    How much do you want for this email me the price at (drop the nospam)

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