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    Trusted Long time member. 1200+ posts on TC, member since 2003. Have owned every version of Treo (GSM) don't like Sprint at all. Owned Visor Phone> Treo 180> Treo 270> Treo 600> and now Treo 650.

    Hey, I am selling a 650 GSM phone that is unlocked, but, Cingular branded.
    Unlocked fully tested with T-Mobile Sim.

    Thought I would post here before I go to Ebay. See Ebay feedback, same user ID: CGLaguna

    Selling Phone I bought while I waited for Vienna Channels P1 Unbranded. Phone I bought in Febuary, slightly used, minor wear.

    Actually sound quality is better on this Cingular phone, than on the P1 phone I presently use but, I need the DUN ability with the P1 version.

    Will throw in 128 SD Card from P1

    Just sold another one on Ebay for $450 without SD, plus shipping, Will hand phone to you if you live in The OC/ and meet me in the OCMetro, no shipping $$.

    I will sell Shipped Insured Overnight $490
    Shipped Insured Two day $480
    Shipped Insured Ground $460

    1200+ post TCmember trusted
    Ebay feedback
    School teacher honest

    PM with any questions
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    I'm interested, lets work on the details. How do you want payment?

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    Here are some more pics:

    There is a plastic screen protector on this in the picture,
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