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    Seidio High End 2 in 1 Retractable Earbuds Headset for Treo 650
    If you are an audio enthusiast, you will love this new high end retractable 2 in 1 headset from Seidio! It is a blend of high quality stereo headphone and a hands free headset.

    The retractable feature eliminates the cord from being tangled up. The improved sound quality enables the headset to be handled the heavy bass and bigger range. When using this High End 2 in 1 retractable Earbud Headset, you will look sleek, professional, and organized.

    The Seidio High End 2 in 1 Retractable Earbuds Headset for Treo 650 provides you the following special features:

    Excellent Sound Quality: The improved sound quality can handle heavy bass and wider range.

    2 in 1 Functions: Has the capability of Stereo headphone and mobile phone headset.

    Retractable Cable: Simple pull on the end and the cable retracts neatly and quickly back into the housing.

    One Touch Button: Allows user to answer and hang up a phone call

    In-line Volume Control: You can adjust the MP3 music volume or adjust the phone volume in any time.

    Two clips Available:
    Clip on back of console
    In-line rotating shirt clip

    Light weight, comfortable in –the-ear design for discrete listening.

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    Seidio is a leading manufacturer of accessory products for PDAs, digital music players and Smartphones and focuses its development activities on innovative products to enhance the use of devices. As a global player, Seidio operates in Europe, Asia and North America.
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    No 600 version? Darn, looks nice. I have the old version and this is exactly what I've wanted...only for a 600.
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