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    I am willing to trade like new Samsung I500 /w lots of extra accessories such as wireless IR keyboard, three types of luxury leather cases, mini retractable charger/sync (works great with laptops), car charger etc. The phone and everything that comes with the phone is in EXCELLENT condition. I purchased the phone from Sprint about 5 months ago and took a special care of it. The phone is non-refurbished. Before I started using it, I put a screen protector so there are virtually no scratches on the screen as well as graffiti area and the phone itself is scratch-free. All the accessories that did not come originally in the box such as two chargers, wireless keyboard etc. were purchased in a store and were used only few times. The phone itself works great! I haven't had any problems with it. It has a very stable performance. With portable compact wireless keyboard it is almost like having a PC in your pocket. Even without the IR keyboard, with little practice writing on Graffiti is very quick and easy.

    What is included:

    Samsung I500 (SprintPCS) in original box
    Extended Long Lasting Battery
    Samsung I500 Manual and Installation Disk
    Cradle (sync/charge)
    Additional Home Charger
    Mini Retractable Sync/Charger (good for laptops)
    Car Charger
    Extra Stylus Pen
    Covertec Luxury Leather Case (flip open type)
    SprintPCS Luxury Leather Case (flip open type)
    SprintPCS Luxury Leather Case (briefcase type)
    Wireless IR Stowaway Keyboard with Installation Disk and a Leather Case

    On top of this, I would be willing to pay you additional $100 via Paypal. Please let me know if you are interested.
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