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    I recently purchased a GSM 600 for my stepdad who, at the time, was on Cingular. He works for a DA, and they just switched to Nextel. He never used it except for a test call, and I'm looking to sell it.

    The person I bought the phone from said it was unlocked. At first, the Cingular SIM would not work, but I used the unlock program from MTDN and it worked fine.

    The phone is in flawless condition, except it looks as if someone tried to unsuccessfully dismantle it. The rubber stoppers have been removed and there are a few minute scratches around the screw holes.

    It doesn't have a sync cable, manual, or Palm Desktop disc. It doesn't have the original charger, but I have purchased an iGo home charger and tip for it that are still new in the box.

    I'm asking $200 plus your choice of shipping.
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    Forgot to mention that it comes with a 128 MB SD card.
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    Now asking $175.
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    Please shoot me an e-mail at I am interested in this..

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