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    Just placed an express order via web with CS online confirming in stock status. Betcha we see them quick.

    18:00ct 10/17
    "Stupid Handspring."
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    Ordered one on Sunday evening (Oct 15), and also requested express shipping.

    I hope I get my Visor Platinum soon!
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    YES! got my Platinum today at 10:20am! Woo Hoo!!!

    First impressions:
    It's plastic painted silver.
    Everything else looks (and feels) the same, save for the black cover.
    Slipcase is the same as that of the VDx.

    Am HotSyncing now, will post more on the Platinum later.

    WOO HOO!
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    Get got a Platinum here 18-OCT-2000
    Ordered Monday Morning. (that's fast!) We're in Minnesota

    And like krypton says: plastic, silver, black cover, slip case same, etc...

    I'm waiting for my Prism, ordered Sunday night, but with Standard shipping (that was dumb)

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    ordered mine monday evening... still waiting (standard shipping)
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    Ordered a Platinum on Tuesday, 2000-10-17 at 17:30 CT.

    The order was marked "received" until about 17:00 CT on Wednesday, 2000-10-18. Now it is marked "pending" and the Texas tax has been added into the order. A "Tracking Information" tab has also appeared next to the "Invoice" tab, though it doesn't yet contain any information.

    2000-10-20 Update:
    This morning about 01:30 I received email indicating my Platinum had been shipped from Orem, UT. Checking Handspring's website, I got the FedEx tracking number. FedEx's web site shows the unit has already arrived in Dallas, and has already left the airport.

    2000-10-20 Update #2:
    Today when I arrived at home the Platinum was waiting for me.

    Ordered Tuesday at 17:30 CT.
    In hand Friday at 16:30 CT.

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    I ordered on Monday October 16th - overnight delivery - received on Wednesday October 18th.

    No trouble transferring info from Visor Deluxe.
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    received mine a few moments ago...09:19ct All else comes to a halt while we transfer of course.

    My initial reaction is that the unit DOES seem to respond a bit more quickly, the plastic case is just that...plastic but feels like harder plastic if that's possible. Delux stylys is included instead of those cheesy old bendable plastic units...Have not noticed a difference in display.
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    Ordered my Platinum on line mid-day on Wednesday the 18th with express shipping. It arrived this morning, Friday the 20th, before 9am. Hard to beat that. The silver Visor with the black case looks a little like something off of Star Trek. I never noticed before how much the Handspring logo on the case looks like Starfleet's emblem.
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    Hey all,

    PDA newbie here. I finally took the plunge and ordered a Visor Platinum on Sunday 22 evening. I'm in Canada so it will be interesting to see how fast it gets here. Express shipping was free too.
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    I ordered my Platimum on Saturday, 11/21 and got it at 9:00 am today (11/24). Can't imagine getting any faster. Way to go Handspring!!!
    Sig Runge
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    As stated earlier, I ordered online Sunday 22nd. Well it seems to have shipped today, Wednesday 25th. I'm in Canada so I doubt I'll get it by Friday (even with Express shipping). I'll expect it Monday though!
    PDA newbie that I am, I can't wait!
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    Ordered Tuesday the 24th. Checked the tracking info. Will be getting on sat the 28th. . .Hopefully in the morning
    There is no I in team but there is me. =)
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    Arrived here in Canada this morning. One week to Canadian delivery from oreder time, not bad. I don't have time to play with it yet as I have to leave. Tonight for sure!

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