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    I just found out my Realtor Association does not support the Treo 650 so I'm putting it up for sale. I have had it less than a month and bought it used off ebay. The unit is in great condition, there is a small nick on the antenna and the dimple on the F key seems to be a little worn. You can't really tell until the thumboard is lit up. I don't have the dummy SD card. This is a Palmone unlocked GSM device currently used on T-Mobile. It is not an unlocked CIngular phone.

    Items include:

    Unlocked Treo 650(Ihave not messed with the ROM)
    Smoke Skin Case
    Palm one Leather case
    Boxwave screen protector is already on
    I have the box it came in, instruction manual and CD

    Price $450.00 + whatever shipping you want
    *****DEAL PENDING ON THE TREO650 *********

    I also have an Ipaq 4350 for sale that includes

    Ipaq 4350
    1-Piel Frama Case
    1-Krussel Case
    Original box
    Martin Fields Screen protector applied

    I am a neat freak when it comes to my PDA's, I currently have 5. The 4350 is perfect except the stylus holder is a but loose and sometime the stylus falls out.

    Price $250.00 + Whatever shipping you want

    I live in Lombard, IL and would be willing to meet someone if you would like to buy it in person. If interested please e-mail me at anthony at
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    i bought the treo 650 -=)
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    Sold to prophetx2!!!! great transaction! Thanks Again!
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