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    I did the mod. to a PCMCIA/CF adapter PCB last night to make the CompactFlash adapter that dkessler has provided the details for making ( I enjoyed doing it, and in light of the "impending" release of the SixPack and the Prism I need some gadget income.

    Therefore, if anyone so desires I will make compactflash adpaters per custom order. (i.e. I will carry a limited inventory and might need to order parts as orders arrive to me, thus a delivery ranging from one-three weeks depending on if I have parts or not.)

    I haven't yet attempted the 'short' PCB mod, but I intend to order one and do so. I am willing to take orders for those as well.

    Pricing ESTIMATES based on the one I've already begun making:

    'Long' version: $40 + $3 shipping (Neither CF card nor software included)

    'Short' version: $60 + $3 shipping (Neither CF card nor software included)

    Again, these are only estimates (but they should be REAL close).

    I would test each and every module, and guarantee the module for 30 days for repair or replacement. And the typical disclaimer: I would not be held liable for any damage to your Visor.

    I thought I'd just test the waters here, so if you are interested let me know.


    P.S. I've got the parts already on the way for two long versions, so these should be ready to go in about a week.
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    I'm not clear on this idea. In the linked post, everyone's talking about using CF for Flash memory. Isn't the Flash Module springboard a better solution for this?

    Are there some other cool CF cards currently out there that would make this worthwhile?

    Please note that I'm not putting down the concept -- I'm just trying to find out why people think it'll be so worthwhile.

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    Well, I just saw my subject line and saw that I need to assure everyone that I can solder better than I can spell!

    I meant SELL CF modules!!

    If a moderator can correct my spelling error in the subject line of the thread I would appreciate it. (If I can do it myself, I cannot figure out how.)

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    One difference is that CF cards are available in VERY large capacities. One could essentially have a 200+MB "flash" card (once dkessler finishes the software).

    Also, the price is very competitive. I bought an 8MB CF card through ebay for $13.50 including shipping. Using my cost estimate for a 'short' adapter module one could have an 8MB flash card for $76.50 (or 'long' for $56.50). Not great until you consider that adding another 8MB is ~$13! Now you've got 16MB for $89! And you have the option to go WAY up in capacity.

    This is exciting to me! Plus I like the idea of using the CF cards as diskettes. You could backup your Visor and leave the cards at different locations in order to be as safely backed-up as possible.


    P.S. The adpater works only for storage CF cards. It will not work for modems or other such CF devices.
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    Way to go Tyler!

    If you like, I'd be happy to list you in the FAQ on the FlashAdapter site as someone who is manufacturing FlashAdapter modules. If so, shoot me an email ( with whatever contact information you'd like to have published.
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    If you can get the short one working I'll definately take it. I have several CF cards from my digital cameras, so this beats the heck out of my 8MB Flash module from Handspring.
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    Pardon my ignorance.

    What do you mean when you say, "long" and "short" adapter?

    What's the difference? Is the adapter powered by the Visor's double AAA's or does it have it's own powersource?

    But I applaud you nonetheless. I love the ingenuity of Visor people!
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    The long adapters are easier to come by, but the CF card sticks well out of the top of the springboard leaving a less than desireable form factor with the CF in. It seems that this type would be best suited to using the CF card(s)like a floppy disk.

    The short adapters are more expensive, but using these the CF card only protrudes above the Visor a measly 8mm according to Mr. Kessler's web page. (I do NOT have first hand experience here as I have yet to receive any of the short adaptor PCB's.)

    See here for more details:

    The photo on the bottom left is what the long version looks like (although this is a picture of the short vrsion without the CF card pushed in), and the photo on the bottom right is the short version.

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    Let me make clear that it is dkessler that should be applauded. I am only able to follow directions!

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    Tyler I am interested in getting the short version, but I want to make sure that you have perfected first

    Let me know when you start taking orders.
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    I'll probably order some of the short PCB's today. (And I better get it perfected the first try!! These little boogers are too expensive to be running experiments on. )

    I should have some shorts built in the next two weeks.

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    Let me request that if you would like to order a CF module please do so by e-mailing me at:

    This allows me to have all my records for orders in one place.

    Also, please mention your VisorCentral screen name in your e-mail so I don't overestimate on interested parties and way over order parts! (Thanks kalahari for letting me know your TRUE identity!! Your e-mail prompted me to recognize how confused I could get thinking I was dealing with two people who are actually one.)


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    Originally posted by tyler
    Well, I just saw my subject line and saw that I need to assure everyone that I can solder better than I can spell!

    I meant SELL CF modules!!

    If a moderator can correct my spelling error in the subject line of the thread I would appreciate it. (If I can do it myself, I cannot figure out how.)

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    Thanks ToolKit!

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    Having finally received all the parts, I have three fully assembled and functional (fully tested) long CF springboard adapters. If anyone is interested, they are ready to go.

    For those that want the short version...the parts are on the way to me. I'll keep you posted.


    [Edited by tyler on 10-19-2000 at 10:11 AM]
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    TYLER....I am VERY interested, but this is the net, so as soon as some folks report back on the shorts, I can gar-un-teee you'll have another customer. That's a promise.

    My Platinum is on the way and I'm already tight on memory...I'd personally rather have a swappable CF card module than a 8mg SB.

    Again, thanks's the software coming?
    "Stupid Handspring."
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    I'm glad that there is interest in the short version, and I do have the PCB's for four of them on the way. (And I have about six people saying they'll buy one once they are ready to go.) I have already had one person pay, guaranteeing himself one of the four. I can understand wanting to wait for the modules to be ready before ordering, but if you want to be sure to get one of the first four please PayPal me the $63. I am posting this in order to make it clear how I will determine first-come first-served, as many have inquired but few have paid.

    I intend to wait until I have successfully completed these first four modules before ordering any more short PCB's. This means that it will be probably 3-4 weeks before I am able to make any beyond the first four. (As I get the process established, and cash flow ceases to be entirely in the wrong direction, I will be able to delivery MUCH more quickly. I'm just having to be cautious with my 'startup'. )

    Just keeping folks up-to-date as promised.

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    Alrighty, placed my order for one of the short variety.
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    Thanks Rapael! And that makes four, thus leaving me sold-out on the short versions until I order more PCB's.

    Please keep sending inquiries if you are interested so I can have a feel for how many to order next time around. I'll probably order again early next week. Get your money in early!

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    Ill order a long one when I get some money scraped together.

    Thanks tyler.
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