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    Interested in a "short one." Email sent....
    Brian Wilcox

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    Just sent an email. I took a course in engineering and still don't know how to use a soldering iron. Heh.
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    Hey Tyler:

    Have you got any pics of your short creations? I am interested to see what the modules look like.
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    Also, any idea where one could get software of a CF adapter? I personally wouldn't even concider it until that happens.
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    Pictures are a good idea. I should get some TDS adapters made tonight, and I try to take some photos.

    For software, learn more here:


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    Originally posted by tyler
    Thanks Rapael! And that makes four, thus leaving me sold-out on the short versions until I order more PCB's.

    Please keep sending inquiries if you are interested so I can have a feel for how many to order next time around. I'll probably order again early next week. Get your money in early!

    Any progress?
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    Shipping yours tomorrow.

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    Tyler, would you be willing to sell any of the parts you are buying in greater volume to individuals interested in making them themselves (like me)? Like Springboard module housings and/or short adapters?

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    I am selling the springboard housings, but for it to be worth my time to sell the TDS short adapters I would have to charge the same price you can order them for yourself. (TDS has no bulk-order discount.)


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    Do you have any of the 'long version' available? If not, do you intend to still make some more (long or short)
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    For the record, Tyler should get a standing ovation for helping spread this novel concept (also, kudos dkessler!) to those who'd rather not fire up their own soldering guns.
    I can testify on the merits of the "short" adapter - I put it all together myself and it works wonderfully! And the less stuff you have sticking out the top of your Visor, the better ... trust me!
    There have been some known hiccups with LexarŽ brand CF cards ... so if you run into trouble, try another card before blaming the module (Tyler's included).

    If you plan on actually using your CF card, even on an occasional basis, the TDS (short) adapter is well worth the money.
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    has anyone received one of tyler's short cf adapter boards yet? do (or will they) work like autoCF on trg pro's or like the 8mb handspring springboard. can you run programs off the cf? or do you have to store all of the programs on the handheld and leave the e-books, etc on the cf?

    i'm very curious how they work.
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    I haven't received a reply for the last couple e-mails -- What is going on?
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    Sorry, out of town for a week. I'm back, and trying desparately to catch up (I had almost 600 e-mails waiting!) while running back and forth to the TV to watch the election returns.

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    Some have received modules from me...I'll let them comment as they choose, but I will say that the software is not yet available to actually use the module for storage. The first stage spftware is expected to be released in the next week or two. Go here for details:

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    Tyler says that he isn't selling module housings anymore as he has run out and doesn't plan to order more. Does anyone here have one they can sell me? I'm also looking for a TDS board...
    Dave Boyd
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    boydda's right. I'm out of the springboard business for now. I am fulfilling all orders that have already paid, and that will be the end. (The holiday season is too busy for an additional "job" like this. )

    Thanks for all the orders.


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