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    Sprint Treo 650 for sale. No scratches on screen or device. Updated firmware to Treo650-1.08-SPCS rev A. Includes device, battery, stylus, sync cable, home charger, manual, and Treo 650 CD. Asking $400 OBO via Paypal. Overnight shipping available at actual cost. Additional pictures available upon request. Money back guarantee if not satisfied. Email with questions.
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    Updated listing.
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    sold to me. lets see if he comes through
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    OMG i think i been ripped off~
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    Quote Originally Posted by nwo504
    OMG i think i been ripped off~
    Oh man... I hope not man... Good luck and keep us informed.
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    Really, I do hope your kidding (on the other hand...I hope you wouldnt be kidding about something like this.)
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    Nah i Bought this from him on the 3rd of June He sent me a tracking number but It says It never shipped out and I never received anything
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    Did you get your money back? Damn scam artists screw over the legitimate sellers like myself.
    You never lived until you almost died!
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    No i haven't got my money back. I hope paypal dossen't let this guy get away with my money.
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    You maybe got **** filed with PP over someone who screwed me over and yea..I won the case but then they had in-sufficent funds in thier account and when they got money in the account they would give it to me...yea thing I have excellent tracking software and I found out who the person and phone number and I was able to get my money back asap..
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    The Mods need to ban this guy for scamming. I just sold my cingular 650 on this board to pay for his and now im SOL.
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    If you have a contact information or location of this guy I would be willing to look into this for you...shoot me a pm with your contact info..I am also on yahoo and aol im. I can see wht I can do.

    Finally for my $160.00 check today from my last scammer back today

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    FYI for future. If you use PP to purchase something like this, empty your PP account and instead fund it with a credit card. Then you have more protection. If they say you can only use check or PP funds, then beware.

    Also, since he used a email - and committed a crime, you can start filing charges - if he actually conversed with you through that account thenSprint would have to cough up his info to authorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mediasi
    Also, since he used a email - and committed a crime, you can start filing charges - if he actually conversed with you through that account thenSprint would have to cough up his info to authorities.

    Sound like someone maybe using another persons identity with that Sprint account. The latest scam out involves using Sprint phones in someone elses name. The arseholes not only use someone elses name, but they also pay the bill using direct pay from someone elses bank account. Its getting very unsafe online; as a result, I am only buying from merchants for now on.
    You never lived until you almost died!
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    After careful review, we have concluded our investigation of the Buyer
    Complaint described below.

    We have decided in your favor, however, we were unable to recover any
    from the seller's account. As stated in the PayPal User Agreement,
    of funds associated with a Buyer Complaint cannot be guaranteed.
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    Wow...Congrads in winning the case...However that don't mean S**** because now unless you did charged this Via a Credit Card Via Paypal you are absolutly screwed over. Paypal must have also told you they are going to be working to get your money back. Im acutally going to be filing a case against them in Small Claims court here in San Jose , California because I live here #1 and they are here #2. I feel that paypal is a service that should guarntee the service that they provide to "us" the consumer. I have the same problem with a person now...again...but its only like $75. I would love to take them to court...Anyone know what grounds I can file suit on? Also paypal is such a big company..what dept would I file my suit against....Well looks like someone got a nice present from you $400. > I just bought 2 Treo 650's here on the board for $600 If you think im going to paypal $600 you are crazy...would I do a COD ...and the seller did agree with me to do that I have no problem at all with it. Its said we cant't trust people but when you have been burned before...and I know we all have been your senses are stronger and you have to see if it was to good to be true....also he said money back you think if you don't like it he would have said heres your $400. He could have said you took it apart and took a part out and now want your money back., its just the way I think...well Good Luck. Any Questions ask me...

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    no update status?
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    no update paypal says they are trying to recover the funds (yea right). My mistake for not being more careful I should have know better but i needed one fast and wasn't thinking. If my lawer comes through I wont have anything to worry about and I will have more than my 350 back from this guy I have collect alot of Information on this guy including his real name, ssn, birthday, home address etc... Time will tell
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    Keep us Posted...
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    Sounds like the same crap that happened to me. As mentioned and will ALWAYS advise Paypal is crap when it comes to getting refunded on a lose.. ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAYS use your credit card. They will work with you more when it comes to this.
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