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    like sed i got a 600 from ebay didnt work called p1 they sent me a new one and the upgraded to the 650 cingular got them to unlock it broke it then called p1 again and they sent me a unbranded one both come with original books and s/w and box and both with 128mg cards. need ot fix my notebook please make offer on 600, ill take 300 shipped for the 650. also i have a sidekick 2 brand new from tmob with plastics on it.
    my wife it copiing her phonebook off the 600 tonight so ill have pics of the 600 tonight or tomorrow and the 650 ill try and get up soon.

    650 has 8 months left on warrenty through p1 and belive me they take care of you replacement 650's cost 25 bucks 600's cost 10 on creditcard b4 they ship
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    You've got email regarding the 650
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    600 Still Avail Unbranded And Unlocked
    New Sidekick 2
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    treo 600 used unlocked and unbranded
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    Received the 650 today. Great condition, it's indeed unlocked and unbranded as promised, and he even threw in some extras. Thanks Sean, you made my day!!!

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