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    I just used my CompUSA PDA replacement plan to exchange my Tungsten C (w/ screen problems) for a LifeDrive. (Great timing, eh?! Still using my T650 as main PDA, though )

    I now wish to sell my Tungsten C and III Vaja cases:

    Tungsten C Vaja case
    - Vitelino Chocolate
    - 2 credit card slots
    - 2 SD/MMC slots
    - 1 Money slot
    - Headset cutout
    - My name (unfortunately) embossed on *inside* of cover.
    - Cost was $92.90 + shipping.

    I'd sell for $45 w/ FREE shipping or trade for Universal Wireless Keyboard in good condition.

    Pics are attached. (I've "smudged" last name in photo just for security purposes).

    If interested, email me at ojleblanc [at] yahoo [dot] com or send me a PM.

    For anyone collecting PDAs and want a nice case for the Palm III series, I have the Vaja case from my very first Palm.
    - has advanced Graffiti1 embossed on inside of cover.
    - 3 credit card slots
    - 1 money slot
    - belt clip (in great condition; never used!)
    - stylus holder (still very firm since I kept my stylus in Palm itself.

    I'd sell for $15 plus shipping.

    Pics are attached.
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