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    I own a Handspring Deluxe and think it's a fine product.
    However, one of the primary reasons I purchased the Visor instead of the Palm was because of Handspring's statements about modules "real soon now." I need wireless connectivity and have it with my WinCE / PocketPC devices and Win98 laptop.
    Trying to complain to Handspring is a bad joke.
    Now I feel that Handspring has been engaging in a deceptive practice for more than a year. It is my belief that Handspring management is fully aware that most of the promised modules are far from production, even those announced more than a year ago and, despite this knowledge, have continued to make false claims. In theory the Federal Trade Commission and Congress take a dim view of such deception: see 15 USC Sec. 45.
    Having tried - and failed - to get a straight answer from Handspring, I am now filing complaints with the FTC and California and Illinois Attorneys General.
    I am more than a bit irritated that Handspring's empty promises led me to choose the Visor instead of simply going with the Palm which already had wireless communications at the time.
    If any of you are as irritated as I am and wish to file your own complaints, particularly with your own state's Attorney General, please let me know at
    For those of you who don't care or don't agree with my view, I'll gladly listen to your intelligent, polite arguments. Any comments not fitting this description will be ignored - as they should be.
    I think the Visor is a fine tool and, in my opinion, somewhat better than any of the Palm devices. But I purchased it in large part for the promised wireless modules - which don't exist and apparently won't exist for some time to come. All I ask really is that Handspring tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    "Question everything.
    Trust no one."
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    Jerrywho Questions everything, trusts no one

    So you're a Chicago litigator or wannabe with a throw down email name and address that spent $250 on a devise based on future wireless connectivity who has been damaged and suffered untold large amounts of dollars since that didn't happen real soon who is now looking for others to join together in a class action Deceptive Trade Practices Act lawsuit since your complaints to Handspring are a bad joke?
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    *Tell Handspring that there are many of us that would be glad to stand up as witnesses against this litigation....
    "Stupid Handspring."
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    Boy, jerrywho (not related to Springer, are ya?), I have an inkling that you really picked the wrong messageboard to join for this type of nonsense...

    I half believe that you are simply trolling to get a rise out of visor enthusiasts.
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    i see this is your first post. i trust it will be your last. go trolling elsewhere, you're preaching to the wrong choir here.

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    Now, I'm not a lawyer, nor do I have any knowledge about the workings of law, so this confuses me.

    How exactly can you complain about 'no available modules' when there are modules available? In fact, I believe that Handpsring's own modules (backup, 8mb Flash) were some of the first, weren't they? So you can't really say that they lied about that much, can you?

    And if you're specifically referring to wireless modules, Handspring only officially announced their Visorphone a matter of weeks ago. Shouldn't the other modules be the responsibility of their respective companies (NovaTel Wireless, Innogear, etc etc)? Handspring cannot very well push a product to market that isn't their own, can they?

    It just seems a bit confusing. To me it would be like suing Nintendo because Activision didn't ship a game on time.

    -Richard Powell

    "Nice guys may finish last, but you know, the company's much better back here."
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    I really have no interest in the comments of those people who adopt machines and particular companies as their replacement for a god to worship. Both Amiga and Apple have substantial groups of such zealots who mindlessly attack all don't share their abnormal attachments to inanimate objects and fictional legal entities, such as a corporation.
    The success of the Amiga and Apple fanatics can be seen in the respective market shares of the two companies. (Yes, I know that a large part of the emotional gratification for a true believer is that they can point to the majority and call them "fools" for being so easily duped.)
    Realists would see and comprehend a simple set of facts:
    1. Handspring has been making claims regarding modules for well over a year.
    2. Although Handspring carefully avoids projecting availabilty dates and disclaims any responsibilities for third-party modules, Handspring is most likely fully aware of the development state of the various announced modules.
    3. Knowing that the modules are not going to be available in the immediate or near-future, Handspring continues to promote this so-called feature.
    In my opinion, Handspring has gone beyond the limits of mere hype and puffery into the domain of deceptive consumer marketing practices. See 15 USC Sec. 45 and similar state statutes for details of what constitutes a deceptive marketing practice.
    Any one living in the United States has the Constitutional right to seek the assistance of government in enforcing the law.
    My posts are clearly intended to have others equally dissatisfied with this aspect of Handspring's behavior get in touch with me. If you love Handspring as you would some rock, serpent, concept or other deified object, good for you. I think the Handspring Visor Deluxe is a fine product. I think, as well, that Handspring as a company is something less than forthcoming.
    If that bothers you, I certainly hope it keeps you awake at night and causes you distraction on the job to the point where you're terminated.
    As for me, I will do my best to locate others who share my feelings and bring the attention of regulatory agencies, at first, to what I believe are Handspring's deceptive. It is their role - not mine - to determine whether my views are legally correct or not.
    Deal with it: not everyone shares the viewpoint of a fantatic. Neither the Handspring Visor Deluxe or Handspring is perfect, though you imagine them to be.
    "Question everything.
    Trust no one."
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    jer - quit whining. there may be visor fanatics on this board -- it is called visorcentral, after all -- and more power to them. it seems obvious to the majority of us (fanatics, and users, contented and dis-) that your proposed litigation couldn't hold water even with the help of neptune's own pitcher. i suggest you do yourself some favors:

    a) do not, i repeat, do not, call someone a fanatic whom you have never met, and therefore do not know in truth to be one.

    b) follow your own advice about obsessive behaviors and get in touch with reality...

    c) save yourself some legal fees and certain humiliation and drop the case.

    handspring has not promoted a single product that has not hit the market. by linking to press releases made by third parties, they have served to pique interest in devlopers and consumers, but the only products they have marketed have been the kind that ship. you may have noticed the news items about component shortages, that your virtuous business model, palm, inc. has even suffered from (with shortages of numerous models of their own devices).

    pick yourself up by the bootstraps, man. lick your wounds, and wait the extra month or two. maybe it'll put some hair on your chest.

    in the immortal words of westley (disguised as the dread pirate roberts) in the princess bride:

    "get used to disappointment."

    exit, pursued by a bear.
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    Jerrywho should be renamed JerryWhat.

    He is totally clueless. His legal arguements is baseless. I have never seen Handspring advertise its visor as a wireless device. In fact, I have never even seen handspring advertise the wireless capabilities of the visor. I have seen Handspring advertise its potential as an mp3 player and phone however.

    This whole litigation is silly and is a waste of the governments time and tax dollars (if they even bother to look at your complaints).
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    People talked about suing over shipping delays. Nothing happened. Your case will go nowhere as well.

    The trouble all of us have had with Handspring is nothing surprising to people who understand what it means to be an 'early adopter' of a technology.

    Why don't you sue the flash RAM manufacturers that make it hard and expensive to manufacture modules?

    Why don't you post excerpts of the '15 USC Sec. 45 and similar state statutes' that you mention? Maybe it would explain your case to us better.

    Going to a pro-Visor site like this and characterizing people as zealots is rude and unlikeley to win you any support for your cause. Why don't you find an anti-Visor web page?

    To quote your own words back to you: 'not everyone shares the viewpoint of a fantatic.' That's how you come across to this group.
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    Originally posted by jerrywho
    My question to you is exactly that, jerry who?
    Are you the shyster?
    Or are you just a runner trying to drum up clients for a shyster?
    Whoever is the shyster are they a member in good standing with both the Illinois and Chicago Bar Associations?
    Would both of those associations approve of soliciting clients in the manner you're trying to do on VisorCentral?
    What's the shyster's law license number?
    What's the shyster's previous experience with class action lawsuits and Deceptive Trade Practices Act lawsuits if any?

    I need wireless connectivity and have it with my WinCE / PocketPC devices and Win98 laptop.
    If you already have wireless with all those devices what's your big hurry to have it with the Visor that causes you to threaten a frivolous lawsuit?

    If any of you are as irritated as I am and wish to file your own complaints, particularly with your own state's Attorney General, please let me know
    If you have such a great cause of action why do you need others to join with you?

    I really have no interest in the comments of those people who adopt machines and particular companies as their replacement for a god to worship.
    What do you worship the almighty dollar?

    I think, as well, that Handspring as a company is something less than forthcoming.
    Will you be forthcoming and answer these questions?

    All I ask really is that Handspring tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    As I ask you, jerrywho, to answer the above questions.
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    I am a lawyer (sad but true). While I do not claim to be an expert in securities law, I'm afraid JerryWho is barking up the wrong tree. This kind of tripe is a good argument for litigation reform.
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    jerrywho -

    I got my IVX last December after spending 6 weeks on the VisorCentral boards reading the "cheers & jeers" about what was happening with HandSpring. When I had trouble with my order I knew exactly what to do because I'd been reading these boards and resolved my problem within 48 hours. I say this to point out that you contend HandSpring has been deceptive in their promotion of wireless connectivity. It would be helpful to provide examples of this continuous and deceptive practice by which you claim to have been injured. I've seen general claims about springboards and followed the news about problems some companies are having rolling them out. I've seen a recent spate of springboard releases and, as has been pointed out, HandSpring is bringing wireless communication to the Visor within the month. So what exactly is your problem? It sounds like you jumped at one or two ads and thought you'd run to your local Best Buy where the shelves would be filled with springboards. If so, that's your problem, not HandSpring's.

    Can came on to this board with anger and generalities. If you want to communicate with folks here, you'll need specificity and a bit of calm.
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    I also am a lawyer and generally a lurker. But I had to come out of lurkerdom for this one. This is the worst posting since that loon who raved about his screen protectors. Anyone who is surprised that it takes high-tech products longer to get to market than anticipated is not in touch and certainly does not deserve any money for it. There also has been a world-wide shortage of component parts which has been well-publicized. This is the kind of bogus claim that makes the rest of us look bad.
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    Just a reminder that wireless access with an infrared capable digital PCS phone and third party software has been available for months. (There is a very brief mention of that point in my FAQ.)

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    Ugh. I just came to the Ordering/Shipping section to see how I could get a new battery door and stumbled on to this. I think I'm gonna be sick. Let's hear it for litigation reform!

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