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    Hi guys...

    Once again, you asked and we deliver!

    We can now confirm that our Series #201 belt case, with either a steel belt clip or leather loop, fits the Treo 650 clad in a BoxWave Flexiskin perfectly!

    It looks to be a protective marriage made in heaven, wrapping the Treo 650 and the skin in a protective case of natural leather.

    Nutshell belt case for Treo 650 with Flexiskin

    All the best
    Ian @ Nutshell
    "When you least expect it...always expect the unexpected."
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    Hello Ian...thanks for all your work. I just 3 days ago received a nutshell for a Treo 600. Will it fit a 600 with a flexskin? I would like to use a flexskin as I am a little nervous about using a naked treo and want a little more protection from drops when in use. Thanks
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    Could you please comment on the difference in resistance in placing and removing a treo in a regular nutshell versus placing/removing a skinned treo in the bigger nutshell.
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    Any Nutshell reps out there?

    The Seidio pouch case which holds a skinned treo made the mistake of not lining the inside of the case with a slick fabric. They fixed this on the second release.

    We would like to know if Nutshell lined the case with a slick fabric or is there alot of resistance when placing and removing the skinner treo.
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    I just received my Nutshell case made for skins and it works well. I can't remember exactly which skin I have. It is the carbon color if that makes a difference. There is some resistance going in and out of the case, but not too bad. Comes out real easy if you squeeze the sides slightly. Of course that takes away from one handed. But, remember, I just opened the package a few minutes ago. I also have e-grips still on the phone so that would make it a little tighter. I actually am liking it with only the egrips on.

    For me, I like the way they made the cut. It looks like they actually left more material on one side. What that will do for me, if I decide to not use the Skins and want it slightly tighter, it can be stitched up slightly with not much effort.

    The inside is not the slick material. It is kind of a real light velvet feel.

    It is a little wider than the case I got off ebay. But, it is made for a skin and they stitch on the outside instead of hiding stitches with overlapping.

    There is a hole on the bottom for a headset to plug into it. I tried it and it seems to be just fine.
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    JohnH59, did you ever own the smaller nutshell ? I was hoping some one could comment on the difference between resistance with an un skinned treo in the old nutshell and a skinned treo in the new nutshell.

    So you dont think its going to be a hassle taking the skinned treo in and out of the new nutshell?
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    I haven't had the smaller Nutshell. I have been running around the last couple of hours and have had to take the phone in and out of the case. I have kept the skin on during this time and most of the time it slips out okay. There were a few times it seems "stuck". I reached with my other had and pressed the case gently from the sides and the phone slid right out. I need to have the phone in for quite awhile and see if it shapes to it more. It's actually harder putting it in one handed. The case collapses in and I have had to spread it open to slide the phone in. But, I think the longer it is used that will take care of itself.

    I love the feel of the case and it looks extremely well constructed.

    I'm not a big skin fan because the material gets a "gritty" feel. But, I felt like I needed more protection at times. I think I will leave the e-grips on and only put the skin on when I am out doing activitites I am more concerned about.

    But, for now, I will leave the skin on and see how the case responds over the next day or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    The case collapses in and I have had to spread it open to slide the phone in
    I have the same problem with the non-skinned version. I guess I'll try the Seidio pouch case for skinned treos.

    Thanks for the info.

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