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    Hey gang. After eyeing Palm Vx's for a while. I did it. I bought one. I love the Visor, but I guess I had more hope for the Springboards, and them being lower in price than they are. Anyway, I'm selling all my Visor stuff. All prices do not include shipping. Get ready for the list:

    1 Graphite Visor Deluxe USB. Excellent condition. Tiny scratch on the graffiti area, too small to effect anything. $200

    1 Targus Stowaway keyboard. Perfect condition. $75

    1 Backup Module. Perfect. $25

    1 OmniRemote Module. Had only 1 week! $50

    1 Rhodiana Visor case w/ belt clip & insert. 3 weeks old. $20

    1 E&B Slipper case. NOT belt version. Perfect. $15

    1 Dooney & Burke leather case. Very nice black leather and fits the Visor very well. $35

    1 PDA Panache Stylus, black. $10

    Let me know if anyone is interested in any of the above. I will be out of town from 10/1/00-10/8/00, so if I haven't responded to an email then, that's why. Take care all.

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    I'd like to buy your Rhodiana and Panache "black nail".

    Please e-mail me directly and update this post to remove it from the list.

    Thanks in advance!

    The Cork
    Pocket PCs, Palm... next victim, MS Windows!
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    So far everything else is a go go.
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    im interested in buying your backup module for 25.00 please contact me via this posting or by email at or by phone at 330-877-8347

    brian riffle
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    I'm interested in the Stowaway.
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    Dave, I would like to buy your E&B slipper case. My email is,Mike
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    I am always astonishing myself.
    It is the only thing that makes life worth living.
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    Have you sold everything? I'm interested in your Stowaway.
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    Let me know if anyone is interested in those.


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