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    I just sold a keyboard minutes ago, for $90 here in Nashville. The buyer had seen the sale on Ebay. I still have one left.

    Here's email proof:
    From: "Hannah
    Subject: Re: Stowaway
    Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 22:56:48 CDT
    Yeah, I think I'll do it for the $90.00
    Do you just bill me through paypal?

    What if Best Buy gave you a 16% off discount coupon and just said, "wait a few days and you can get the keyboard for 16% off"? That's the same as buying from me.

    For $85 plus $6 shipping, this new keyboard can be yours. It's not used. It's not NIB, which many times means "was new but is now opened, groped, used a few weeks and put back in box". No, this is totally sealed, just in the mail direct from Targus. The very same as store-bought and Targus bought where it is $100, plus tax, shipping.

    $85+$6=$91. $100+$8=$108. Savings=$17=nice.

    A scuffed, used Stowaway for Visor just sold on Ebay for $89.01, really pretty pictures

    My relative got two of these awesome gems in mail, still factory-sealed. First come, first served. payments accepted.

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    If you are looking to sell, I might be interested.
    I use a Visor DX
    Therefore I am cool!
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    Me, too.
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    What are you thinking for price? For Sept 29 auction, two more days of bidding, I'm seeing $85 for an auction on a keyboard that is scuffed/opened

    And here's the current items

    And the one closed item that doesn't say if it's new or not

    On Targus $99.95 plus shipping/handling

    On Amazon the VisorCentral link $99.99 plus shipping/handling.

    Well, with me you don't have to deal with the bidding madness, and you don't have to pay anything but absolute minimum shipping/handling (it's just me out of my house). And these are still in shipping box direct from Targus, actually the shipping box is still in the weather-protection bag (it doesn't get any fresher than that).
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    I'd be interested on one of your Stowaways. But I'd be curious what you'd sell them for since the idea of picking one up from BestBuy down the street and having it in my grubby paws in 10 minutes without paying S/H is attractive. Call me impatient. But you can't beat the Stowaway for getting full "wow"-factor. They're $99.99 at BestBuy.

    But tell me what you think for pricing. I'd love to help both of us out.

    Pocket PCs, Palm... next victim, MS Windows!
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    Again, these are totally fresh, unopened, factory-sealed, just came in the mail from Targus this week. You don't have to wonder if someone took it out-of-box and dropped it, or banged on the keys (or their kids did), or unfolded it roughly.

    I've looked over the Ebay items, and it seems pretty simple that the keyboards I have should be as good in price as those items. Two of the Completed items say "unopened box" and went for $86 and $88, Buyer pays shipping , Personal checks must clear before shipping.

    In previous posting I included the links to retail at $100 because it's important to know that the keyboards I have are the exact same as retail, _unopened_.

    In sensitive electronic gear, especially with delicate moving parts like the Stowaway, _unopened_ is the only way I buy.

    I don't want to take anything away from people selling used Stowaways, but there is a definite advantage to _unopened_, and that's confidence of condition, at slightly higher price. It's like that on Ebay for price, all the time for everything on Ebay, _unopened_ is even better than NIB "new in box". Factory sealed as my keyboards is the highest quality.

    Should you buy from me at Ebay price instead of buying from Ebay? You can decide today to buy from me, and it's done deal, you don't have to wait until the auction closes. None of the Stowaways on Ebay that you can still buy, none of them are _unopened_. The only _unopened_ items they have had recently, are already sold at $86-$88.

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    Msg for people going to the store for new Stowaway instead of buying my new keyboards: If you know of anybody with a little more patience for US mail and saving money :-) just let them know of my keyboards. What if Staples gave you a 16% off discount coupon and just said, "wait a few days and you can get the keyboard for 16% off"? That's the same as buying from me.

    I think next week I'll go ebay with them, no biggie but more competition for you, with other buyers on ebay. I was thinking that the smaller group of buyers on visorcentral would appreciate less competition for these new keyboards. Oh well...

    If any of you are "on the fence", trying to decide, just let me know how long you need to think about it, and I can delay going ebay a few days for ya'.

    I'm not shy about ebay, I have a Palm GPS, and a 3Com case going up there soon.

    I mean all of this in the nicest way possible.
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    PDA Camper,

    No offense taken. I'm actually really happy that you posted here before eBay. I think that that's a stand-up thing to do.

    Good luck!
    Pocket PCs, Palm... next victim, MS Windows!
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    PDACamper said:

    >If any of you are "on the fence", trying to decide, just >let me know how long you need to think about it, and I can >delay going ebay a few days for ya'.

    As far as I've seen, you've never named a price for them. How much for 1 keyboard including shipping?

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    Originally posted by dsilver
    As far as I've seen, you've never named a price for them. How much for 1 keyboard including shipping?
    I know it, I've been running a commentary on the pricing.
    My firm price is $91 including $6 shipping, that's $85 before shipping. This is firmly based on the most recent closed auction on Ebay that sold at $95 inc. $6 shipping, that's $89.01 before shipping:
    If you read the text on that item, it is an opened, used keyboard with "few hairline scuffs".
    So mine are less money, but much better value. New, unopened, no scuffs. C'mon write the check, save 16% under Best Buy!

    After you see the confidence you can have, then email me and buy one/buy two. We know they will go for at least $85 plus $6 shipping on Ebay, but you'll save time and hassle if you buy NOW. The next time you see a new "sealed/unopened" Stowaway on Ebay, where you have to deal with squirrely bidding and perhaps higher than $85, you'll wish you had bought it NOW.

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    I take no offense at lower offers like $75. After seeing the scuffed Stowaway getting $89 on Ebay, I'll have to go higher than $75 on my factory-sealed product. I've got a other items to sell too, so I'm on Ebay anyways. I just bought a camera on Ebay on Sunday, so I'm ready to be a seller.

    I'll have the only factory-sealed Stowaways that I've seen on Ebay, sealed-is-better-than-new. "New" could mean opened but put back in the box.

    Yup, US dollars. $85 plus $6 shipping

    If you can scrap up another $10 somewhere, you'll save 15% over a store-bought for exactly the same sealed product. Or for used, possibly scuffed you can buy from Ebay or VisorCentral, possibly for $89. You have to decide if you want store-quality, factory-sealed or not, really.
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    My @SEALED/NEW@ keyboards are going on Ebay this weekend so now is the time to get them without a lot of competition with other buyers.

    A new one sold for $90 plus shipping last week.

    I'm selling for $85 plus shipping right now, but on Ebay the highest bidder wins!

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