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    I bought a Treo 600 on treocentral on the discussion forums about 5 months ago, used it for a day, and then the Treo 650 came out within the next 2 days.

    I have used the Treo 600 for 2 days only. The seller who sold it to me said it was a replacement from Sprint which he had only used 1 week.

    I am now using the 650, so what I'm saying is that this Treo 600 is in dead mint condition, no scratches, and has been sitting in my room for 5 months.

    $225 shipped.

    Sprint pcs
    hot sync cable
    the original cd the guy lost but he made a copy of it on a cd-r, so it's there

    Please let me know if you want it.

    I will take paypal.
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    i can also include a side case for it that ain't in great shape by any stretch, but still works.
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    Now $220 shipped.
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    I'll take it, is it still available?

    ( btw, I emailed you from mattsf83 AT gmail DOT com )
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    Still waiting to hear from you
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