I have a brand new basically Sprint OEM Treo 650 Leather Case. I bought it, and have had it for less than a day. It just doesn't go with my work attire and so I can't use it. My job's pretty finicky when it comes to how I look. So my loss is your gain. I paid $40 for it, plus taxes. I'm looking for about half, $20 or so shipped. It's the same as if you bought it from a store, cause you need to loosen the leather to get the phone to fit. I've basically done that. I just opened it last night, so you're getting a bargain, nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

Here's a thread where there are pictures of it and a description/review. Treo 650 OEM Case

I may be new here, but I have tons of feedback on eBay, and have no reason to cheat anyone out of a small case/$20. If you're interested, post here or PM me. $20, what are you going to lose? I accept PayPal of course, and can show you the feedback and whatever else.