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    I am about to ebay my sprint 600. it is in great shape minus a few scratches near the earpiece from a fall. the screen has always had a screen protector on it. what do you guys think would be a fair buy it now price to set? Does $250 sound reasonable?
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    used in great condition would be 225-250
    used in good condition would be 200-225
    used and abused.... i won't even go into that...
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    The other way that you can approach the pricingof your item on eBay is to check, 1) the typical prices on completed auctions and 2) the range of "Buy It Now" prices that are being listed. If you're interested in getting sold your item sold quickly, then put down as low a BIN price as is acceptable to you. If you can afford to wait, than list your item with a slightly higher BIN price and start off with a reasonable start price. (I rarely have a set reserve price.)

    BTW, I think that the numbers that freaknificent gave you sound pretty accurate.


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