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    This is a very high quality black leather case. If you haven't seen one up close you'll be impressed with quality of the leather and design. The belt clip has a quick one-handed release function. This case is expensive for a reason.

    $90 includes shipping.

    Keep in mind that if you buy one from Vaja it usually takes weeks.

    Here are some shots of my actual case:

    Here is the Vaja pages for the I-volution case:

    Payment via PayPal preferred.


    Bill McMullin
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    Folks, since I haven't gotten any bites on this here I put the case up on eBay. If you are interested, please bid on it there.


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    yeah good luck selling a used case for $90!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    yeah good luck selling a used case for $90!!!
    I must be lucky because the bid is already up to $88 and its only been on there a single day. These people obviously know what a quality product is worth.
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    no accounting for stupidity

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