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    I need the CD that comes with the box with the desktop software and all. Is there anybody here that can send me one (I'll PayPal you shipping & handling) or direct me to a website to which I can download the software? I found on site on eBay that has it, but I dont need the cable and wanted the software before the end of the week. I also need the book, but that I can download from P1. Or do you think I can get one from a Sprint store?
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    I'd be willing to bet you can get one from a Sprint store. I've had them give me a sync cable before. Call ahead, be nice, and see what you can get.
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    THat's the one option I havent investigated thoroughly yet. I will call them up and flirt with one of the girls I know who works there. I expect delivery of my 650 by the end of this week, so I am trying to beat that deadline.

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