This is the ULTIMATE Handspring Visor Deluxe. This Visor is in ice blue and you can check out all the cool stuff it does on This auction includes the Handspring Backup module, which allows for one tap backup of all 8mb of your data. The module is perfect for those who use their Visor without a PC or travels without a cradle and laptop. Why bring your laptop and your cradle when all your data can be easily backed up to a tiny 1 oz module? The module keeps all your data safe, in case your computer crashes and you lose your data. One tap to backup and one tap to restore. No software needed, just slip the module into the expansion slot and your ready to go. Included with the Visor: USB hot sync cradle, leather slip case, software CD, manual, clear plastic clip-on cover, 2 clear styluses, 1 PDA BLACK NAIL metal stylus (the one in the pic is chrome, I couldn't find a black one online), a pair of Duracell Ultra batteries, 5 Concept Kitchen screen protectors, and the BACKUP module. I also have the original box, if you want it. PLUS as an added BONUS, I purchased this at Best Buy and they have locations nationwide. I also purchased the fully transferable 2 YEAR Full REPLACEMENT warranty. That means anything wrong with your new Visor, just take it into any Best Buy store and they will give you a brand new one, no questions asked. So basically you are buying a brand new one, who is to say you can't exchange it for a new one every month! 8) The replacement warranty is fully transferable and cost an extra $100 at time of purchase. All of this is yours, if you win the bid. I really don't think anyone else has as good as a deal as this. Don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Buyer pays $12.00 fixed shipping, not including insurance. Payment by PayPal or Money order, no exceptions. Please email any questions before bidding. Auction is at ebay item #439893850.