Wanting to trade my Sprint Treo 650 for a Tungsten T5 and MM7400. Must be a Tungsten T5 (TomTom better support). I had a MM7400 before and loved it, so I would like to find one if possible. Phone includes original box, receipt (from actual Sprint store), All cables and software that came with the unit, plus extra travel charger, car charger, data sync/charging cable. Also included 7db antenna with Wilson Electronics adapter. Sprint original lambskin case (I did cut out the clear piece that goes over the keyboard because it only got in the way). I also have one of the skin tight cases (gel) for it. I still have my coupon number for $100 of free software from Sprint that I have not used yet. Have references. If you do not have a T5, please do not respond. I do appreciate the offers, but I must have a T5. (Better Tom Tom Nav).