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    Unlocked Treo 650
    Price: $500.00(dollars) firm
    Color: Silver with blue bezel
    Included: 512 MB SD Card, Case, all original packaging, manuals, charger etc.
    Unlocked: yes
    Used/Tested Networks: Cingular, T-Mo USA
    Condition: Great
    Pictures: Available upon request

    Location: Arizona, USA
    Shipping: USPS: Whatever method you choose
    Payment: Paypal (no credit cards)
    Contact: jplesmes AT gmail DOT com
    References at ebay under frzamilan28cq and at under frzamilan
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    Well, sounds good to me, I'd spend 500 smackers for a GSM 650 in a NY minute.

    Problem is you've only just joined our little community, and had no posts on this board before your attempt to sell. So I'm skeptical. But please try to convince me that you are legit. You may be successful.
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    One easy thing to do if you want to verify a seller's identity is to send him/her an e-mail message via the eBay website. I don't remember exactly how to do this but you can send a message to an ebay member which will arrive at their e-mail address. Obviously, if he answers his e-mail, than you should be able to trust that he is being truthful about his eBay ID and feedback.

    Just a suggestion.

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    I understand your concern. However, if you look in the "notes" section of my post you will see that I have listed two reference sources (ebay and heatware). Please feel free to go to these sites and reference my feedback. Heatware can be found at and I assume we all know ebay.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me.
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    Why do younot just put it on ebay with a buy it now price. Tell the buyer when you will list it and then you have buyer protection. For the few bucks it costs to use e-Bay it is worht the insurance.
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    TMann: You're right, of course. Frzamilan has good eBay feedback. I just thought he might want to know why he was getting little response, and had to bump his post twice.

    Frza, I'm emailing you today. mbd26ATmacDOTcom
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    I use ebay as a last resort because of the fees associated with listing something there. Forums are free, and usually a better target audience. I have no doubt I might get more money on ebay, but again...I think it is more of a hassle to list there.

    Either way, I have a list of people I have traded with on forums similar to this if anyone would like to contact them regarding the things I have sold/bought.
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    still avail? pm me

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