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    condition couldnt be anymore perfect
    screen is spotless
    and the phone is basically new

    phone has only be used for 350 mins
    it was mine..and i kinda realized i dont want a phone this big

    phone is already verizonized (you can have the cable too for an extra cost...its made by mines)
    and the phone has also had the 1.08 update done

    comes in the box..with everything included...
    sync cable, charger, sprint charger converter, and manual

    also it comes with a 128 meg SD card

    shipping will be $10
    first person to offer 575...can have it
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    550 shipped
    offer stands till monday morning
    otherwise its hitting ebay
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    have you sold it yet...might have a buyer for you...i am going to call him
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    still available
    let me know

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