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    I just purchased this on ebay.
    I asked the seller if they have any others available, and if they do, I'll let you guys/gals know.
    I will posty a mini review when I receive the item.

    EBay auction

    I notice it does not have a high back like the ones I have seen pictured. It also only has american style plug, but I would just lose all the others anyway!

    I got it 1.5 hours after it was listed. I consider myself lucky!

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    he has some more...I wonder how well they work....are they custom made?
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    Not bad but I dont think it charges an additional battery.
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    Nope... It sure doesnt charge the extra battery, and thats what I need it for! Still waiting on Dan's to carry the cradle... My spare battery has been sitting here collecting dust for about 4 months!

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    Expansys still has 22 left at $43 bucks

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    Im loyal, and cheap, so I guess I too will continue to wait for Dan to get some.
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    My cradle arrived today.
    It is REALLY nice not to have to lay my 650 on my desk to sync/charge!!
    The cradle is made in China, and came in cheap retail packaging.
    The USB cable is permanantly attached to the cradle, the power is not.
    The ad says it will charge via USB, but mine does not.
    The power cord is only about 4' long, but no big deal.
    There is no place to charge an extra battery.
    There is no sync button.
    The phone locks in to the cradle relatively easily. I have to hold the cradle down while removing the 650. There will be no typing unless you are holding the cradle.
    I synced without problem, and the phone is charging right now (with power cord attached).
    This was a good deal for me. I have no use for a second battery at this time. I was not paying ~$60 to get one of the Palm One cradles. Paying $37 and receiving the cradle in a few days was nice.

    There is a 1,000,000 candle power blue LED on the front that lights when it is plugged into the USB. I have already placed a spot of black electrical tape over the LED. The light is bleeding thru the black tape. Have I mentioned it is bright?
    Notice how bright the red LED on the 650 is when charging when you look directly at it? Change that to blue and multiply by 6. Think Luxor.
    But seriously, I know I listed all the downfalls, but that is just my nature.
    I AM HAPPY with my purchase. This cradle does what I need it to do. The worst thing about it for me is that there is no sync button.
    On a side note, I did not receive my free car charger with the shipment.
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    Is this the cradle you were waiting for from Dan's?
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    No, the one I got was very simple. No extra adapters, etc..
    The back of my cradle is very low, not raised like that one.
    I have not had any trouble with mine, BTW.


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