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    Please keep an eye out for me, I'm looking for a not so expensive Treo 600...
    Its been quite a while since I decided to log into the forum. But I'm back and am really looking for the Treo. I made a big mistake selling my original one. I've learned my lesson and am back for good!!! Any Treo 600 for any service is fine I can just have it unlocked. Thanks!!!


    A trade possibly? Xbox, Gamecube? PS2?
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    I have a Treo 600 I'm about to put on eBay. If you want to preempt the sale, let me know. I went to a Treo 650.... Make an offer!

    After reading a couple of posts about scams, I want to let you know I'm verified on Paypal and will PM you my work e-mail to verify legitimacy of my offer.

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    Sent you a PM. Thanks!
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    I also have a treo 600 that am selling.
    Phone - with all original items
    lether belt clip
    stereo headphone jack adapter
    and car power.
    Im asking 300 obo

    mux11 is my ebay id as well so you can check out my feedback if desired.
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    What carrier? I am looking for a used Treo 600 for my wife. We are currently T- Mobile so I would need an unlocked GSM unit.


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