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    If your needs are modest - I have two Treo 180's for sale along with:

    One desk charger and sync cable
    One car charger
    One cradle
    One original box, manual, and CD

    One Treo is in nearly new shape, and the other has some scratches on the back from sliding in and out of the cradle. The screens, speakers, and keyboards on both are perfect. The screen on Treo with the marks on the back sometimes turns on for a second when you close the flip lid.

    Both were used on the T-mobile network and both have been upgraded to GPRS.

    Make a resonable offer and they are your's (or your kids).

    Thanks for Looking.
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    My wife's 180 just died (you can no longer hear calls in the hinged lid earpeice) and she would love another one...two might be better. We are T-Mobile and she only uses it as a phone and web stuff.

    What do you think is reasonable?

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    Hi Skigs,

    i just sent you a private message. Thanks for your interest.
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    I just sent you a private message reply.

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