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    Excuse what might be a silly question if you live in the US but....

    Passing through New York City in a few weeks and want to pick up an Unlock GSM Treo 650. What are my options for sourcing this phone locally in NYC?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would say 0 percent... I don't think anyone is selling unlocked GSM Treo 650s except Palm One. I am sure that carriers asked for it to be that way. That said, you can always check on Ebay and see if places like 42nd Street Photo, J&R Music World or B&H Photo got some... They may have, but would likely be sellng them for $749.
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    in the philly airport i saw a unlocked treo650 the store was called airport electronics or something like that.
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    Try craigslist. I just sold mine there for $650.
    (I ended up going with Sprint because Cingular switched their data plan rates, much as I wanted GSM, sprint is a better deal).
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    I've got a GSM unlocked 650 sealed unopened for sale. Not sure if I'll still have it in a few weeks. When are you coming?
    Send me an email to discuss.

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