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    I have finally decided to sell my Sprint/PalmOne Treo 600.
    It was bought less than a year ago and has worked perfectly since day one. Unless you consider the one time I was using aol's Im listening to music and surfing the net when it totally crashed and had to do a hard reset.
    Phone is in used condition but has been very well kept. Only has small marks on chrome around screen.

    what you get:
    Treo 600 - with screen protector installed
    original box, original cables, papers, and software
    Belt clip and phone holder
    Jack adapter for the mini plug
    Car charger

    Im $300 firm - and if it doesn’t go here I will be putting it on the bay with a reserve.
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    Is it CDMA or GSM? I thought Sprint didn't have GSM.
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    AGH sorry got things mixed up.
    It is Sprint - Ill change it Thanks
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    I am willing to chat on offers as well....
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    I also realized that I had the insurance on the unit and went in and got it traded so now it is a flawless unit.
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    I am Mux11 on ebay and have an excelent selling reputation.
    Pictures available at request

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