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    Well I would like you all to know how Dan's stands behind his products. I bought a hbh 660 3 weeks ago. It stoped working and was stuck in repairing loop. I emailed Dan about it. He said send it back with the box and everything that came with it. I did and 2 days later i have a new one coming in the mail.

    I am 100 % happy with Dans, His prices cant be beat, and has quality products. If anyone is weiry of buying from dans dont be. He has proven himself to alot of people and he just proved himself to me with
    A When I purchase my items I got them in less than a week.
    B Now that i had a problem with a defective bluetooth headset I sent it back and in less than 2 days he sent me out a new one.

    Hats off to Dans cellular on ebay. We should all think about using him for any products that we need. A++++
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    Its always good to see posts like this praising exceptional customer service/experiences with a vendor. It seems like most users only post about their negative experiences. I was on the fence on whether to buy from Dans after reading a few negative posts about him here at TC. You just won Dan a customer with your post. Thanks!
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    I would agree 100% with michael. I've had nothing but great experience with Dan.
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    Dan is the man!
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    Ditto. I've also made a couple of package purchases from him outside of Ebay and service has been equally as good. Item was left out of my last order, he responded to my email within 2 hours and 2 days later I had the missing item on my doorstep.
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    Dan did a great job and I would buy again from Dan.
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    I have bought from Dan twice and both times I was happy. On my last order, the hybrid Treo headset was out of stock, so via email I was informed that I could wait till one came in and they would ship it to me. It's been almost 2 weeks, but I'm confident I'll be getting it. If not, I'll be back.
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    Items are shipped quickly, good service.
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    there's always the dark side................
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    nothing but praise from me also. I bought a few items from Dan and always had fast shipping and when I had a problem with my HBH 660 headset he answered my e mail same day and told me to send it back. That in my books is good customer service
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    Well my new headset came today. Now thats service!!!

    Thanks again Dan!

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    Dan has taken care of my Treo600 & 650 accessories. All have worked as promised.
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    Dan is a good merchant. He can be extremely terse with his e-mails (to the points of aggrivation), but he says what he needs, so I can't really fault him for that.

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