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    In my quest for the "perfect" case, I have determined that neither of these fit my needs. The Vaja iVolution is black, no clip $95.00 shipped. The Nutshell is as pictured on in Treo Central store, $50.00 shipped. Both are in excellent condition with all original packaging. Will ship USPS Priority. PayPal only. PM me if interested. Thanks

    Price reduced: $85 for the Vaja; $40.00 for the Nutshell!
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    is the vaja personalized? if not im interested...
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    Nope, no personalization. Plain black in perfect condition, send me a PM
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    Price reduced as above: $85 for Vaja, $40 for the Nutshell
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    Can you post a pic of the Vaja?
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    Here is a pic of the Vaja case:
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    How much is shipping to Canada?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGo
    How much is shipping to Canada?
    I'm not sure, but I could check if you're interested.
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    if your willing to ship em both to chicago USPS priority, for 125, i can paypal you the money, pm me

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